Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shopping, Dinner, Dog, Etc

Wow...5 posts in October already. Are you impressed? I told you I was going to start posting more again!  And away we go with more non-sense. You like that, right? ♥

Where to start?
How about with my next crochet project?

I saw this pattern for crocheted socks on Instagram yesterday and loooove them, so I went and bought the pattern HERE. Then we went to town to the fancy yarn store and I got the above yarn to make them. I didn't like any of the yarns at Walmart for this particular project. I'll use an off-white yarn for the lace. I was going to start them last night while watching the Cubs, but I never did. I just sat there thinking about it. It looks like a great pattern with pictures and plenty of instructions. Of course you'll see them when I'm finished.

While we were out, I got these curlers at Walmart.
My hair has grown like wildfire since we moved up here.
I cut 6-7 inches off last winter and it's all grown back, if not more.

There are only 6 curlers in each package for a little less than $10. I let my hair air-dry almost completely then put one curler on each side of my head hair, put the rest up in a ponytail on top of my head and split my ponytail into four parts for the last four curlers. I sprayed each piece of hair with hairspray before winding the it around the curler. Then I left them in all night. I do like them, so I'll probably go back and get another package.

This is a really messy version of what my hair looked like this morning after I took the curlers out and stuck half of it up into a big barrette. I was afraid if I brushed it the curls would turn into fuzzy waves, so I just stuck it up without brushing it. Now that I know I like the way the curls look, I'm going to go back and get another package. I think I need more than six. I'll try to do a better job with it next time and make it neater to show you. Anyway, I had fun playing with my hair.

Here are the caffeinated breakfast bars I was telling you about.
I had one this morning and this flavor was great!
They also have chocolate peanut butter, chocolate caramel, and cinnamon roll. I saw these coconut ones way in the back at the last second and grabbed them. I love my coconut!
FYI...1 bar = 1/2 cup of coffee (So they say on the box.)

I also got these and ate one yesterday.
REALLY freakin' good!
Don't kid yourself...I'm sure it's no better for you than a cookie, but it's a good cookie!

I wanted to buy these flowers, but I settled for a picture of them instead.
LOL. Cheap-ass.

Now...on to the cooking!
Remember the ground beef stir-fry I was going to make?

I used these noodles instead of the Udon called for in the recipe.
It's one of my favorite pastas aside from angel hair.

It was fabulous and I'll definitely make it again.
Recipe is HERE if you missed it.
I've made a lot of her recipes and bought her cookbook recently.

I voted. You should too.
It's vote-by-mail-only here in Washington.
No standing in line.

Do you like my leggings?
When Ken saw me he said, "It looks like someone attacked you with a stencil kit at Hobby Lobby!" Thank you, dear. He's so sweet.

Yes, I share.

Do you think that's gross? I don't.
I think he likes it. What do you think?

Do you know what you do when you see Fletch with this look on his face?

He's about to eat your face. Hard.
Fetchie is sweet, but he's also got a bad case of the crazies.
I've learned how to deal with him and his little "ticks."
That's what happens when you leave a puppy in a kennel the first four months of his life and don't interact with him. He's a little emotionally retarded. (I didn't do that. Someone else did.)

Okay, enough dog.

This was my house yesterday. The mountains behind it were mostly covered by clouds. Lordie, I love autumn!

Just a random picture I found in my "Crochet" file on my computer.
Hee-hee. A Chicken.

See ya.
Pammy Sue

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Deer and Stuff

I'm not feeling very creative with my titles.

Ken took these pictures a few minutes ago.
It's a cloudy and foggy day, but the pictures turned out well.
We noticed the deer and turkeys were in our orchard.

I left the orchard gate open last night since our garden is dead now and there are apples that have fallen from the trees all over the ground. I had been going back there and picking tons of them off the trees and ground and putting them in crates in the basement. I have enough apples to make 1,000 apple pies and still feed all the deer. We were doling them out each day about 30-40 at a time and they'd come by and eat them in the alley. Sometimes we'd look out the window and they'd be standing at the back gate staring at the house waiting for us to come feed them. Now they can just help themselves.


I've been looking for this pillow pattern for a very long time. It's in a 2015 issue of a UK magazine, Woman's Weekly Magazine "Best of Vintage Patterns." I can't see how to order back issues off of their website. I finally found an email for them so I emailed them this morning to see if they could help me. It shouldn't be this hard. They should have an "order back issues" button on their homepage, but nooooooooooooooooooo! That would make too much sense and be too easy. I'm highly annoyed about it. Can you tell? I even googled it and looked on ebay and everything.

Isn't this a cool map with the quilt-like print?
I thought so too.

I'm making this Ground Beef Noodle Stir Fry for dinner. I'll let you know if it's good. How can it not be?

I made these Muddy Buddy Krispie Treats yesterday. They're very good. I didn't do the powdered sugar part because I didn't want to make a mess. They're still good without it.

Beware of caffeine-induced rambling...I'm almost finished with my second LARGE cup of iced coffee.

I'm ready to crochet something. I just can't figure out what. I hate that. What I want to make right this minute is THIS pattern, but I don't have the thread I want to make it with. I'm afraid if I order it online, by the time I get it, I won't want to make it anymore because most likely Halloween would be over by the time I finished. The thread is Alize Miss Batik, which I've been seeing a lot of people using lately (and that's a stupid name for yarn), but I can only get it online which means I'd have to pay shipping for one skein of yarn, which is dumb. The shipping is almost or more than the yarn. I think this particular doily with the skulls would be neat for the Halloween season and looks perfect in that yarn. See for yourself. (I got this picture off of Facebook, but I can't find it now to give credit. Just know somebody made it and posted it on Facebook and it wasn't me. Great job, whoever you are! I'm sorry I'm too lazy to sit and sift through posts and find it. Whatever.)

See what I mean? Totally cool!
It just wouldn't be the same in any other yarn.
Sigh. Maybe I'll just go ahead and order some.
OMG, I think I've rambled enough about this subject.

Speaking of caffeine, do you know what I saw at the grocery store yesterday? Breakfast bars with caffeine added to them! Brilliant! Just what I need! I did not buy them because Ken was rushing me and I didn't have time to stand there with my mouth open looking at it long enough to pick a flavor. Hmpf!

So between paragraphs just now, I went to that link I provided above to the pattern of the doily and printed it, and the font is SO FREAKIN' SMALL. WTF? Really people? I'll need a magnifying glass to read the damn thing. Maybe I can copy and paste it into another document and change the font size. Is this really worth it? Is it? IS IT?

Speaking of Halloween, I'm decorating for it.
S p o o k y !!!!

And speaking of spooky, look at my ghostly-white legs!!

I went to the mailbox dressed all fancy in my leggings and animal print house shoes (screw the neighbors!) and I wanted to take a picture of all the leaves I was standing in, but mostly all you notice is my white legs and my tramp stamp, which I still love, by the way, and I don't regret it one iota...the tattoo, not my white legs. Now there's a run-on sentence for ya!

Am I done here? 
I think I should be. 
Okay, bye.
Love you.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Colorblock Fun

 Fun, fun, fun!

It was nice to work with these bright colors.
Making the squares went fast.
Crocheting them together and making the border took longer.

It was worth every minute.
Especially the three full days it took to do the border.
Totally worth it.

The seed stitch is so pretty, but it does take lots of time.

Pattern:  None (Just a typical Granny Square blanket, join-as-you-go)
Started:  October 2nd
Finished:  October 15th
Yarn Colors Listed Below, (1 skein each color, 3 of white)
*Updated to add Yarn Colors and Brand (10 colors plus white to join and border):
Red Heart Super Saver in White, Cherry Red, Shocking Pink, Dark Orchid, Orchid, Bright Yellow, Spring Green, Carrot Orange.  Red Heart With Love in Bubblegum (the light pink color).  Bernat Berella "4" in Color #8820 (the light aqua color), I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby) in Peacock (teal color).
9 squares by 8 squares, 5 rounds each (One special Heart square in the top-right side...Link to the tutorial for it in my Oct 3rd post.)
Size H hook

Dog Emergency!

Poor little Ollie got into something he was allergic to.
We still don't know what.
His face swelled up like a chipmunk!

I always have Children's liquid Benadryl on hand for such emergencies.
It calmed it right down in a few hours.
His forehead swelled up again the next day, but not nearly as bad.
Another dose of Benadryl and he was fine.

How YOU doin, Ladies?

You smell like sunshine.

I nosed around in my freezer this morning and found a batch of spaghetti sauce I had frozen and forgot about. Yay! No cooking today! I set it out to thaw in some water. I'll heat it up in a couple of hours and cook up some angel hair spaghetti noodles for it.

Outside my window just now.


Saturday, October 08, 2016

Gotta Love October

I started a new blanket October 2nd.
As of last night I had all 72 squares done.
It's been so fun! 
These bright colors are not my normal, but I see why people like using them.
Now it's time to start joining with white.
I'm excited to see it start coming together!

Fall came in with a ROAR the very first day of October.
The clouds and fog rolled in and the leaves turned color seemingly overnight.

I had nearly forgotten about all the fog that lives here through fall and winter!
It's very Game of Thrones, Winterfell and The Wall-ish around here.
Those of you familiar with Game of Thrones know what I mean.

Fall is so here!


 Fletch is too funny.
Pick him up and every muscle in his body relaxes.
It's very weird.

Why did that PicMonkey emblem show up by Fletcher's nose?
I have no idea. Whatever.

So I did pretty good at posting after only a few days, huh?
Maybe I can keep it up.

Oh, and my blog reading list in my sidebar mysteriously showed up when I was about half-way through adding them on again. Y'all that lost yours, try adding the gadget back to your sidebar and see if they show up. That's all I did and they magically reappeared!

See ya.